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Okay, “needs” might be a strong word, but every family can certainly benefit from an outdoor wood burning oven. Often thought of as pizza ovens because they can reach the temperatures necessary to bake pizza, they can also be used to roast meats. In fact, all of your cooking can be done in an outdoor wood burning oven. At their highest temperatures, they will burn off any grease, so they can also be considered self-cleaning ovens!

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An outdoor oven is also a great heating appliance to add to the yard, extending the amount of time that can be spent outdoors. Creating a great ambience with their design and warmth, outdoor wood burning ovens can be of all shapes and sizes. They can be made from traditional clay or refractory bricks and are highly efficient.

A great way to keep heat out of the house on hot summer days without sacrificing delicious meals, an outdoor oven is also the perfect place to cook more odorous food items, such as seafood. Anything that can be cooked on a stove can be cooked in a wood burning oven without filling the home with unwanted smells. Roasting peppers and garlic is a cinch, and baking bread, cakes, and casseroles is easy, all without making the kitchen a sauna.

With an outdoor wood burning oven, sleepover’s can turn into camping outings for the kids. They can warm themselves around the fire, and have a great time assembling and baking their own pizzas. Everyone will appreciate the fact that the kids can spend more time outdoors, tossing balls around and talking as loud as they like.

Making it easier than ever to entertain, outdoor wood burning ovens turn your yard into a living room. With an outdoor oven, guests can mingle in the backyard and step outside to enjoy the fresh air regardless of the time of year. In essence, you can turn your outdoor area into a second living space for much of the year!