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One of the best things you can do to improve your home’s fire safety is stop walking away from the stove while you are cooking. Accounting for roughly 44 percent of all home fires, the way you cook can be seriously damaging to your family’s well-being! Not only are you what you eat, but how you cook can determine whether your family stays safe.

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Another good measure to take is to have your clothes dryer venting professionally cleaned from time to time. How often this needs to be done varies with use and other factors, but dryer vents are notorious culprits in house fires. Highly flammable lint can also gather in air ducts throughout the house, so they should be inspected at the same time.

Keep an Eye on Fire

Your fireplace system is another obvious thing to attend to regularly; perhaps the most obvious of all. The only place besides the stove where we purposely start indoor fires, the fireplace deserves to be maintained in tip-top condition. The affordable services of CSIA certified chimney sweeps can prevent a lot of avoidable expense and heartache.

Outdoor fireplaces, grills, and fire pits start their share of house fires, either through inattention to their condition or carelessness in their use. Grills and fire pits should never be placed close to the house or flammables, and they need a steady surface beneath them. They also have to be watched, just like stoves, since a flying spark outdoors can be just as much of a problem.

Nothing Tasty About Smoked Houses

From simple things that you can do better yourself to obviously complicated systems that have to be examined by professionals, the effort is worth it. The only thing you want going up in smoke is your salmon under the hood of a clean grill in good condition. So kill the fire where it is, until you can give it some attention and keep it where it belongs.