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There’s nothing like a warm wood burning fire inside your home to make you feel cozy and romantic. Yet, the specific types of wood needed to burn indoors aren’t always available, and this can be inconvenient. For the times when you want the comforts of a wood-burning stove, without the use of wood, try gas coals.

Gas coals are a great alternative to wood, because they are easy to use, and convenient to purchase. Coals are simple to light, and don’t require any assistance from kindling or paper. Simply light your gas coals for a cozy, romantic fire right in your living room. For those times when you simply don’t want to get up, you can utilize a remote control that will automatically light the fire when you want! Stop having to interrupt your life and collect wood, crumple up paper and start a fire. Instead, light the fire when you want it. Choose from natural gas or propane coals and enjoy a beautiful and warm fire when it’s convenient for you. Gas coals allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of an indoor fire, without the inconvenience.