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You love your gas fireplace for its convenience, heating efficiency, and ease of use. In fact, your gas fireplace probably works so well that you may not even think about its maintenanceGas Fireplace Servicing Image - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney Service. However, to keep your gas fireplace working as well as it does, you do need to have it serviced annually. Ashbusters is proud to offer gas fireplace maintenance, repair, and installation services from our technicians who have been certified and trained by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) as gas fireplace experts.

We would like to tell you more about some of the most common problems with gas fireplaces and how our services can help you.

What are the most common problems associated with gas fireplaces?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), even though gas fireplaces do not produce a lot of creosote, they still deposit corrosive substances into the chimney. This is one of the most important reasons why your gas fireplace and chimney should be serviced and inspected at least once a year. Ashbusters will check to be sure your flue size matches the size of your heating appliance, and if we find that the flue is too large, we can install a new stainless steel chimney liner to provide a correctly sized flue. When the flue is too large, condensation problems arise, and the overproduction of moisture combines with the combustion gases and vapors to create corrosive substances that can eat away at your masonry chimney. Other common issues we see include a pilot light not staying lit, the main burner not working properly, and fan problems.

What can I expect from a gas fireplace service appointment from Ashbusters?

When our NFI-certified gas technicians arrive to your home for your gas fireplace service appointment, our top priorities are making sure your gas hearth appliance works safely and efficiently. Whether you have a gas fireplace, stove insert, or set of gas logs, we will remove, inspect, and clean each component of your system and ensure everything is properly installed and functioning. Included in this service appointment is the removal of soot from the glass doors, a check of the gas valve, pilot, and gasket seal, and an inspection of the burner, logs, and flue. If we find any problems, we will provide you with a written explanation of the issue and an estimate of the repairs needed to correct the problem. You will also have your chimney swept and inspected to make sure it is venting properly.

Make sure your gas fireplace appliance is ready for colder weather. Contact us at Ashbusters today to schedule a service appointment for your gas hearth heating appliance. Our NFI-certified gas fireplace technicians are here to inspect and service your appliance so that you can safely enjoy your gas fireplace for years to come.