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Gas Fireplace Service:

Why Annual Maintenance is Necessary

You don’t want these problems, so prevent it with annual service.

Common Problems With Gas Fireplaces & Gas Logs

Some common gas fireplace and gas log issues we take care of for our clients:

  • Pilot light won’t light or stay lit
  • Main burner won’t come on or stays on longer than it should
  • Glass is dirty
  • Fan is noisy

Don’t wait to have these issues. Handle your annual maintenance now. If you already have one of these problems, stop using your appliance until it can be properly repaired.

Don’t usually make posts about services however, Ashbusters Chimney Services is worth mentioning. We were way over due for chimney and dryer vent cleaning services. If you need these services performed, I HIGHLY recommend this company. The office staff and Matt, the service technician were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Feeling confident going into fire burning season.


Even Problem-Free Gas Appliances Require Annual Inspections!

You know that your gas fireplace doesn’t have any problems, so why would you schedule an appointment and “waste money.”

Even when your gas logs or gas fireplace are working properly, it’s important that you schedule an annual inspection with a knowledgeable and thorough sweep. Inspections can reveal hidden problems or safety hazards before any real harm is done.

During an inspection, we’ll check the pilot light, the gas hookup, the attached venting and all of the components for proper, unobstructed function. Whether your gas fireplace or gas logs are vented or vent-free, we know what to look for and how to keep everything clean and working properly.

What an amazing team of employees, I was honored to meet most of them and will not forget the sincere kindness they showed. They truly work together to ensure customer satisfaction and the Owner Mark is an extraordinary leader!