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‘Tis the season for holiday decorations and Christmas lights. Santa will soon be coming down the chimney to deliver presents for the young children in your home. If you are hanging stockings from your working fireplace, be sure to take the utmost care when doing so.

Most Christmas stockings are made from highly flammable materials, so if you are hanging them from your working fireplace, you are risking a fire in your home. If you have a large mantle, it is wise to consider hanging the stockings higher than normal, so they are far away from any flames or sparks that may arise. In general, keep flammable stockings as far away from a fire as possible. As always, use a crate or cage to protect Christmas decorations, rugs, and other flammable materials from sparks or sputtering fires. Christmas is a time of year prone to more home fires because of holiday lights and the abundance of decorations, so be sure to use the utmost caution and care when decorating your home, especially when decorating your mantle!