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Have a Home Escape Plan to Avoid Injury from Fires

Picture of Home on Fire - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney ServiceBeing prepared is the best way to save lives, especially if the incident is as serious and fatal as fire. Your possibility of escaping the soonest possible time depends on an early warning alarm that will inform you that there is smoke (or fire!) happening somewhere near you. A fire escape plan is also important for you to know where you should go in case of fire. In making an escape plan, make sure that everybody is present in planning so they can contribute ideas, and understand the plans from the start. Inspect your house and check for possible escape routes. If you have children, drawing the escape plan may help them more easily understand it. Be sure to put important details like doors, windows, and fire extinguishers. Installing smoke alarms are very advantageous. Put alarms in every room, in the hallways, and on every floor. It is better to connect each alarm with each other so when one sounds, all the others will create sound too.

Each and every person in the home should be familiar with the fire escape plan. Study your plan and make sure that routes are free from hindrances or obstruction. Ensure also that doors and windows are easy to open. Assign a place outside of the house where you will stay and meet up as soon as you get out of the house. Mark this meeting place also in your escape plan. Check your home address if it is clearly indicated outside of your house. Make sure that firemen and responding personnel can see it clearly. Make sure that everybody knows what number to call in case of emergency, it can be direct to the firemen or neighbor’s contact number. Infants, children and older adults should always be the priority in escaping. They have mobility limitations and they need help during emergencies. If parents are not home during fire, assign someone to assist them in escaping. Inform your visitors and guests also about the escape plan, especially if they have plans of sleeping overnight in your place.

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