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Many homeowners want to add a fireplace to their home, but the idea of taking on such a seemingly all-consuming undertaking can feel overwhelming. That said, while this definitely isn’t a quick weekend project, it may not be as big of a job as you think. Meaning your dream fireplace is definitely attainable – and the team at Ashbusters would love to get you there.

As far as a general timeline, most of these jobs can be completed in a week, which isn’t a lot of time to sacrifice for making this great home improvement. Adjustments to this timeframe may need to be made based on the size and style of system you need, the condition of your current setup (if applicable), and which fuel source you need.

Fireplace with Stone Background

Fireplace Installation Considerations

What needs to be considered as plans for your fireplace installation are made?

What type of appliance do you want?

Are you wanting to have a traditional fireplace installed? Or would an insert or stove be more appropriate for your needs? Go over the pros and cons of each, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, so you guarantee the best fit for your household, preferences, budget, and overall needs.

What type of fuel is best?

While wood is the more traditional fuel-type used, it’s also a bit more high maintenance than other options. Fires need to be built up and maintained, and you’ll be dealing with more mess too (think wood chips, pieces of bark, piles of ash, creosote buildup, etc.). That said, it’s hard to beat the classic crackle and aroma of a wood-burning fire.

If your goal is to simply turn on your fireplace and enjoy some heat, though, then gas is the way to go. Gas logs look realistic, so you won’t lose out on aesthetics, and they offer consistent, controllable heat – all with the flip of a switch or push of a button. 

What’s the current condition of your system?

Do you already have a fireplace? If you’re adding an insert, the current condition of your fireplace will need to be assessed before moving forward. Or, if you have a chimney and are aiming to attach a system to it, your chimney should be thoroughly inspected ahead of time. This way, we can get any potentially problem areas addressed ahead of time.

What to Expect From Us

What can you expect from our crew once the job begins? First, we’ll take measurements, so that the correct materials can be ordered and so that the flue size will match your system’s needs accordingly.

We’ll then move forward with construction decisions, like any safety measures that should be taken, and we’ll get you an estimate for the job too, based on the labor that should be involved.

We’ll also look at your local building codes and regulations before, during, and after the installation, ensuring the job is completed in accordance with it all throughout the entire process. Then, you can rest easier knowing all was done properly.

Then, comes the actual installation, where all of our planning gets put into action. Before you know it, your home will be set up with the fireplace, stove, or insert you’ve been envisioning, and your family will be able to cozy up and enjoy its heat and ambiance for years to come.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Fireplace?

Like with the installation timeline, the cost of an installation can vary too. It’ll depend on the size, type, and style of the system you’re installing, whether or not you have a fireplace already in place, which fuel type we’re working with, and more.

Your best bet is to reach out and ask for an estimate, so that we can offer you an accurate analysis from the start. There’s simply no point in throwing around numbers without the specific knowledge needed for your unique situation. Here at Ashbusters, we’re all about offering personalized care, and that’s just what you get with the fireplace installation process.

So, reach out now, so that we can get this journey started for you.

Don’t Neglect Future Maintenance

Now, once the installation job is done, that’s a big task off of your to-do list. But with it also comes some new jobs too, like booking annual inspections and regular maintenance.

Be sure to book professional inspections before the start of every burning season to ensure your system operates as safely and efficiently as possible throughout the colder months. This gives our sweep the chance to spot potential damage or any areas of concern, and if a sweeping is in order, we can get that completed too.

In the end, if you’re looking to ensure your system stands the test of time – and offers you the best heat output through it all, regular maintenance is key.

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