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Getting your chimney ready for the freezing temperatures that we will be seeing soon involves checking the condition of some of the components of your chimney to be sure your bricks, mortar, and chase cover will be protected from water penetration. One of these parts, the chase cover, sits on the very top of your chimney, underneath the chimney cap. A chase cover does the same job as a chimney crown by keeping water and animals out of your chimney. However, a chase cover is made of metal and not mortar. While good quality chase covers can last a long time, they do not last forever. If your chase cover is old, you may want to ask Ashbusters to check it out to see if it should be replaced. We would like to tell you how we know it is time for a chase cover replacement.

Rusted Chase Cover - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney

What sort of damage requires a chase cover replacement?

The most common type of damage to a chase cover is corrosion from rusting. If your chase cover is made of a lower quality metal, it can begin rusting more quickly. Once the process of rust corrosion has started, holes can form on the chase cover, which allow water from rain and melted snow to enter the chimney. With chase covers made from galvanized steel, which are much more likely to rust, you typically cannot even clean off the corrosion with rust stain removal because the metal has been weakened significantly and will break.

Besides stainless steel, what else should I be looking for in a chase cover?

You want a chase cover that has been designed to allow water to run off from the cover and not pool on top where it can cause further corrosion damage. Look for a chase cover with a slope from the middle to the sides so that water will run off the top of the chimney instead of pooling on top. When water pools on a chase cover, corrosion is more likely to quickly develop.

What types of chase covers are available?

You can find a variety of different designs of chase covers to fit your flue. Some chase covers have two or three holes to fit a chimney with multiple flues, and you can even have a chase cover custom designed for your chimney if your chimney has a unique shape. Our staff at Ashbusters is happy to assist you to find the best chase cover for your chimney.

Is it time to replace your chase cover? Contact us at Ashbusters to protect your chimney from water leaks this winter.