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Waterproofing Your Chimney to Perfection

When your chimney is already undergoing extensive water damage, the costs for repair will soon match or even exceed the money you spent to get it installed in the first place. That’s why preventing this from happening is the smart thing to do for all homeowners who have fireplaces and chimneys. The best way to do this is by waterproofing your chimney. Taking note of this crucial step in chimney maintenance will help prepare you and your chimney for yet another year of alternating cold, freezing temperatures and warm sunny days. This tip is especially important during the rainy season because you have to make sure that as little water as possible enters your chimney.

Keeping the moisture from getting into your chimney is far easier than repairing the damage it can do. It is much less expensive too.

Keeping the moisture from getting into your chimney is far easier than repairing the damage it can do. It is much less expensive too.

Water is one of the strongest reasons for chimney deterioration. It can seep briskly inside and occupy areas in the masonry bricks. If taken for granted, the moisture can even harbour molds that could be dangerous to the health of the occupants in the house. This will then lead to far bigger problems.

What we would usually recommend here at Ashbusters Chimney Service is to first do a routine inspection of your chimney. This will help our experts assess the condition of your chimney and decide on what to do from there. This can also help us see what the options are and discuss them with you so that you are well informed about the things we will do to help maintain the structure and function of your chimney. For this type of inspection, we use specialized video cameras to check the most delicate areas, especially in the nooks and crannies where water will most likely hide.

When all the repairs are in order, we would definitely advise you to get a chimney cap installed. This will eliminate most water from getting into the chimney through it’s main opening. The chimney cap is the defense system of the chimney, so it needs to be strong and durable to protect the inside area. Usually when the winter season arrives, the endurance of the chimney cap is challenged. Nonetheless, getting a stainless steel chimney cap will do the trick.

Another good way of waterproofing your chimney is to use water repellent. This is applied on the bricks of your chimney walls and other areas that are most likely to be exposed to moisture. This can help strengthen the chimney walls especially when heavy rain starts to pour. Many repellents can be effective for years to specifically strengthen the parts of the chimney that cannot be protected by the chimney cap.

If you feel like your chimney or fireplace needs some sprucing up, then call us at Ashbusters Chimney Service. After over twenty-five years of outstanding service to our clients in Nashville Tennessee and in surrounding towns, we can proudly guarantee a legacy of quality service and dedication. Here, you are always our priority.