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Learn before you burn is the slogan for the U.S. EPA’s Burn Wise campaign to reduce house fires. Naturally, this is an issue near and dear to our hearts. These preventable tragedies can be greatly reduced by educating the public. Some of the tips they provide include:

  1. Advice on appliance purchases
  2. Tips for picking out and seasoning firewood
  3. Safe wood burning practices
  4. Money saving ideas
  5. Putting in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Those are just an overview of the information they provide. For instance, did you know that it is never good to burn wet wood? This is because it enhances the buildup of creosote, which can easily catch fire. Also, did you know that it is not safe to burn low intensity fires?

There are many other bits of information that will help you maintain a safe fireplace and chimney. Your home and family could be saved by the information you learn there. Take advantage of the myriad of resources available on the Burn Wise website.