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A convenient and clean burning alternative to a wood-burning fire, gas logs are becoming more and more popular. Available in both natural gas and propane, gas logs offer the comforting warmth of a traditional fireplace without the chores of bringing in firewood and cleaning up ashes. Ashbusters sells and installs a variety of gas logs, and we thought we would answer a few frequently asked questions about how to operate gas logs.

Operating Your Gas Logs - Nashville TN - Ashbusters

Do I have to light the pilot light?

When Ashbusters installs your gas logs, we will light the pilot light for you. Once you start using your gas logs, the pilot light will work in one of two modes. The standing pilot mode keeps the pilot light on indefinitely, and the intermittent mode ignites the pilot light while you are using the fireplace. We will show you the small toggle switch on the outside of the fireplace that changes the pilot mode. We recommend using the standing pilot mode in the winter because it keeps the chimney vent warm to reduce condensation.

How do I use the remote control?

The master switch must be set to “on” for you to be able to use the remote control. Typically, your remote will have a manual mode and a thermostat mode. When you use the manual mode, you set the temperature from the remote, and the temperature will stay at that setting until you turn the fireplace off. You can also set the height of the flame and the blower in manual mode. In thermostat mode, you set the temperature, the flame height, and the blower to turn off and on at certain times of the day.

Can I use my gas logs if the electricity goes out?

According to the San Francisco Gate, the pilot light will remain lit, and your gas logs will produce heat. However, the electronic ignition that controls the flame height and the blower will not function. How well your gas logs will work during a power outage depends on the model of the gas logs.

What warnings should I be aware of when I use gas logs?

  • The surface of a gas fireplace can get very hot, so keep it away from curtains, furniture, and other combustible items. You should also keep children and pets away from the fireplace when the gas logs are in use.
  • Any time the gas logs are lit, the glass front should be in place.
  • Never attempt to burn paper or anything else in the fireplace.
  • If you ever smell gas, evacuate everyone from your home and call your gas supplier from outside the house.

Have more questions about operating gas logs? Contact us at Ashbusters to find out the answers about this convenient heating appliance.