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Patio fireplaces come in many shapes or sizes that range from fire pits with open flames to regular fireplaces with hearths that resemble a regular fireplace that you would see in the home. They also have many different fuel choices from gas to propane and the traditional wood burning option. Potential buyers of outdoor fireplaces have a lot of options today when purchasing their ideal outdoor fireplace.

However, no matter what type of fireplace you choose for your outdoor space there are things you will need to do to keep that area safe. One of the first things you can do is to keep the fire and flame to a manageable level. This is especially true of a fire pit that can get out of hand easily and blow embers where you don’t want them; on your home.

This brings us to another point; know what way the wind is blowing and adjust accordingly. This is just a part of anticipating a problem before it becomes one. If the wind is blowing toward your house, having a fire for that night might not be wise unless you have a hearth style where you can control the embers better or a fuel other than wood.

One thing that is just smart whenever there is a fire is to keep a sealed and inspected fire extinguisher on hand and make sure the adults around know where it is in case you need to use it. Be aware of children playing around an outdoor fire. This is one of the many hazards for young children who don’t yet understand the dangers of fire.

When loading wood from your woodpile to the fire it is always best to do so with fire retardant gloves on to protect your hands. Make use of the screen for your outdoor fireplace because it is designed to keep the fire in the fire box and keep embers from flying out.

If you are using a fire pit or portable fireplace of any kind make sure you place it clear of trees or low hanging vines or branches that might catch fire. Additionally you need to keep about a 3 feet perimeter clear of anything so the embers that do escape are easily seen and extinguished.

One of the most important things about outdoor fires is to make sure they are completely out before retiring for the evening. You can do this by using a hose to douse the fire or dirt to smother it. If using an alternative fuel, make sure the source is turned off.