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As we are heading into the holiday season, you are likely preparing your home for entertaining family and friends from out of town. One of the main attractions in your family room is your fireplace, and it may not be looking as good as it had in the past. As the big day looms closer, you are wondering if you even have the time to consult with a professional to help make your fireplace look new again. Ashbusters would like to let you know that we can still get you ready for your holiday parties and get togethers with a fireplace facelift. Our professional technicians are trained and certified by national organizations like the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and they can work magic with their custom fireplace facing rehab skills. No matter what type of design you may have in mind, we can work with you to develop and create the stunning fireplace that you have always wanted. We would like to tell you more about the options you have with materials for giving your fireplace a much needed facelift.

TILEIt's the perfect time for a fireplace facelift.

If you want a unique and modern look for your fireplace facelift, tile is a great choice for the material because of the many different options of colors, textures, and finishes you have to consider. When you are choosing tile for a fireplace facing, you do have to make sure that they can withstand exposure to extremely high temperatures. This Old House recommends marble, granite, ceramic, slate, terra-cotta, and travertine as the best types of materials to use for a tile fireplace front.


A favorite choice for fireplace facing material that can work with both traditional and modern decors is stone. However, the weight and cost of stone can keep you from going with choosing it as the material for your fireplace facelift. If you really love the look of stone, Ashbusters can show you the options you have with cultured stone, a lightweight alternative that is manufactured to look just like natural stone. We love this material because, unlike natural stone, it is almost always available in over 100 colors and in different textures.


If you are looking for something simple and streamlined, metal might be a material for you to consider choosing for your fireplace facelift. Since steel is available in many different finishes, you are sure to find the right type to fit with your interior decor. This material is perfect for giving a room a modern, industrial feel.

Is it time for a fireplace facelift? Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule an appointment with one of our NFI-certified fireplace professionals to get your fireplace ready for holiday visits.