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Less expensive to install and easier to care for, factory built fireplaces are attracting more and more homeowners. Decidedly more efficient than traditional fireplaces, factory built systems present standard options that can give a home fireplace a custom look as well. Factory built fireplaces powered by electricity or gas that require venting still do a better job of safely retaining heat, and ventless versions can eliminate the need for a chimney altogether.

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Metal Flues and Fireboxes Shine In Several Ways

Factory built flues for vented fireplaces are of much better quality now than they used to be, when inferior materials resulted in warping. These days, continuous metal flue liners are available with the strength of stainless steel, making them more durable and easier to care for. More resistant to both creosote buildup and penetration by water than other chimney liners, the metal flues of factory built fireplaces shine in many regards.

The metal fireboxes that comprise the base of a factory built system offer energy savings for both homeowners and the planet. Made from steel or cast iron, they naturally retain heat within their own walls and, closed with decorative doors, permit less loss of heat already in the house. Blowers send that heat back into the room so, even though factory built systems are not intended to handle high temperatures, they can generate more heat.

Factory Built Fireplaces Are Hot for Good Reason

Ventless factory built fireplaces come without any need for a flue and, typically fed by either natural gas or electricity, are extremely convenient. Nothing more than turning a knob and pressing a switch are required to have the pretty flicks of an apparent fire behind glowing glass doors.

More affordable, more efficient, and more trouble-free in every way, factory built fireplaces are gaining in popularity for obvious reasons. Definitely worth discussing with a fireplace professional, factory built fireplace systems offer exactly the right choice for many homeowners. With regular cleanings and routine inspections, both vented and ventless factory built fireplaces are easy to care for and deserve to be hot items.