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As important as it is to keep your fireplace clean, and to use it properly to keep your family safe, it’s also important to burn the right types of wood in your fireplace and know the firewood facts. Some types of wood should not be burned indoors, and other types burn much hotter than others.

Cedar, maple, oak and walnut are all premium types of wood to use in an indoor fireplace. Similarly, when purchasing wood to burn in your fireplace, look for wood that has been seasoned. Wood that has been seasoned has been aged for at least a year, and has been properly dried and stored for optimum burning capabilities. Seasoned wood won’t burn or singe, but instead will smolder for a long lasting fire with hot burning coals. If you are unsure about whether or not the wood is seasoned, examine it. Seasoned wood should not look fresh, but should be grey in color and brittle in texture. Buying the right type of wood from a reputable source will ensure you burn long lasting fires all fall and winter long.