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If your restaurant has a wood-fired oven, your customers no doubt rave about the incredible taste of the menu items cooked inside of it. The look and feel of a wood-fired stove can create an atmosphere for a restaurant that is truly spectacular. However, you do need to remember that since it is a wood burning stove and not a standard oven, it will require some extra cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning for a Wood-Fired Oven

In many cases, these ovens are burning for as long as 12 hours a day during days of operation. Unlike most fireplaces in homes, these ovens are not getting warm nights, spring, and summer off. Instead, they are in constant use, creating much more buildup over shorter periods of time than a fireplace in the home.

All of this extra usage means extra cleaning. Whereas a home chimney only requires an annual cleaning, a wood-fired oven chimney may need cleaning as frequently as every six weeks. One of the main reasons for this is that in addition to burning far more often, the fuel loads used are far more significant than homeowners would use in their own fireplaces.

While creosote buildup is an obvious concern with so much use, so is a buildup of ash in the chimney. Together, these two can create an extremely flammable and unsafe environment for the restaurant, its staff, and the guests. Restaurant owners with wood-fired ovens are best served to have a professional and certified chimney sweep scheduled for periodic cleaning of the chimney.

The cleaning can be scheduled during off hours so it will not interfere with restaurant operations. Assuming there are no challenges, the entire process should take no more than a couple of hours, if that. Furthermore, by hiring a professional, you are guaranteed the area will be kept clean and will be safe to use again as soon as the work is completed.