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If you’ve lived in your home for many years, or if you’ve recently purchased a home you may want to consider having your chimney restored. Hiring a professional company to restore your chimney can mean the difference between a faulty chimney and one that works efficiently and safely. Chimney restoration is a necessary part of owning these appliances.

One part of chimney restoration involves relining your chimney. Depending on the type of chimney you own, and how you heat the appliance, you will require a different type of liner, but the process is the same. Typically, some type of concrete and/or metal composite is deposited around the structure in order to reinforce the chimney. Chimney restoration may also involve replacing the mortar between the bricks used in your chimney, or replacing the flue and other parts of your chimney. Chimney restoration is also necessary when the appliance is old and weathered, making it unsafe for use. If you’ve recently moved into a home, you may not be sure of the quality of your chimney, so this is also a reason to have your chimney looked at to see if it is in need of restoration.

One of the best ways to minimize the need for chimney restoration is to have your appliances regularly inspected and swept. When your chimney is professionally inspected it will be easier to detect minor problems in need of repair, avoiding major restoration. Build-ups of creosote, moisture, and debris can also cause damages throughout your chimney, so it’s helpful to invest in a chimney cap and secure your chimney while it’s not in use. Spring is the best possible time to have your appliances inspected, as you’ve likely been using your fireplace throughout the winter. Schedule your professional chimney inspection to see if you need to restore your chimney today.