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After a chimney fire has been put out and the firemen leave, there are still some things that will need to be inspected. It won’t be good enough just to clean up the ash from the furniture and appliances. You will need to have your chimney fully inspected by a chimney professional.

Most chimney fires are caused by an unsafe build-up of creosote. This black or brown substance is highly flammable, and burns really hot. In fact, it can reach 2,000 degrees F. This can cause major structural damage to the chimney structure including things like melting the mortar, cracking tile, causing the liner to collapse and damaging the outer masonry material.

This is where the chimney professional comes in. Someone who is trained to look for these damage spots will see what needs to be done. They will understand what cracked masonry looks like, and whether the structure has any damage that should be repaired. In fact, you should not use the fireplace again until the entire chimney structure has been examined.

Remember, you can avoid chimney fires with regular maintenance. This will stop the problem before it begins, and keep your home and your family safe from preventable fires.