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One of the easiest ways to have clean burning and warm fires is to only use firewood that has been properly seasoned. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) properly seasoned firewood will have been allowed to dry for at least six months. If you do not have the opportunity to cut your own firewood, you can buy seasoned wood from reputable dealers. Either way, without proper storage, the wood can reabsorb large amounts of moisture from the atmosphere. Ashbusters wants our customers to enjoy the best possible fires at home.  Learn more about how to properly store firewood to keep it dry for the best fires!

What if I do not have a storage shed for firewood?close up of firewood

Although a roofed shed is the optimum storage space for seasoned firewood, there are other ways to keep your wood dry. One important factor to consider when storing firewood is to keep it off of the ground because of how easily wood absorbs ground moisture. Ashbusters recommends stacking your firewood on pallets, but you can also place the wood on concrete blocks or even gravel. To keep your firewood from being exposed to rain, ice, and snow, you can cover the tops of your stacks of logs with a tarp, but you should leave the sides open so that air can easily circulate around and through the stacks. On sunny warm days, you can remove the tarp so that the sun can help with further seasoning.

What is the best way to stack my firewood?

Place the larger logs at the bottom of your piles. You want the wind to be able to blow through your stacks of firewood to help with drying, so be sure to keep gaps between each row to allow for proper air flow. To keep your stacks stable, use a crisscross pattern when placing the logs on top of each other. You do not want to stack your firewood any higher than four feet to reduce the risk of the wood shifting and possibly falling on children or pets,

How do I know if my firewood is sufficiently seasoned?

When your firewood is dry enough to burn, its ends will be darkened with visible cracks and splits. Properly seasoned firewood is fairly lightweight, and if you hit two pieces of the wood together, you should hear a high-pitched clunking sound. You can also use a moisture meter to find out exactly how dry your firewood is. If you do not have a trusted firewood dealer, Ashbusters recommends taking one of these devices with you when you shop for your winter fuel to be sure the wood is sufficiently seasoned.

Ashbusters wants you to enjoy the best wood fires this winter. Contact us for more firewood seasoning and storage tips.
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