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When we think of fireplaces, the image that typically springs to mind is that of a cozy living room setup. You may get flashes of kids tearing into presents as a fire roars behind them or recall memories of decorating a mantle with bunny figurines for Easter. It’s true – fireplaces have long been a symbol of comfort, togetherness, and home. But over the years, there have been a few architects who have dared to push the boundaries of design – and fireplaces have ended up in some very unexpected places.

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Can I Put a Fireplace There?

Where are some unique locations a person can put a fireplace in their home?

original infographic stating unique places to put a fireplace
  • The bathroom. You can take your simple evening routine to the next level with a fireplace in your bathroom. A fireplace near the bathtub can turn a simple evening of unwinding into a decadent, spa-like experience. 
  • The roof. Outdoor fireplaces aren’t a new concept. We’ve seen – and built – our fair share of fireplaces into patios, decks, or even outdoor kitchens. However, fireplaces aren’t just reserved for suburban homes. If you own a property in the heart of the city, a rooftop fireplace set against the backdrop of the skyline can be a stunning statement piece. 
  • The wine cellar. Discerning wine collectors can add a touch of ambiance and sophistication to their cellars with a fireplace. Beyond aesthetics, a fireplace can offer a surprising benefit as it helps regulate temperature and humidity to ensure ideal conditions for those prized vintages to mature.
  • The kitchen. Back in the day, most kitchens had fireplaces to help with cooking, and nowadays, they can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in this area that is often called the heart of the home. Modern fireplaces integrate seamlessly with contemporary kitchen design, offering both beauty and functionality.
  • An aquarium. Ok, so you can’t actually put a fireplace in an aquarium…but that doesn’t mean your fish can’t enjoy the aesthetic of a nice hearth with a fancy fish tank (fake) fireplace! The only thing coming out of that chimney, though, will be bubbles.

Where Did They Put a Fireplace?

Some regulations about fireplace placement shouldn’t be ignored. Proper clearances ensure that your home is protected against fire hazards and there is adequate ventilation for safe usage. However, none of those rules dictate that a fireplace has to be in a home. Here are a few of the most unusual spots for a fireplace:

  • Under the sea. Despite your initial skepticism, fire underwater is a real thing as underwater volcanoes are known to geologists throughout the world. Fireplaces work a bit differently in this context, though. Some luxury underwater hotels – like the Atlantis in the Bahamas – have designed rooms with electric fireplaces to create a striking contrast between the flames and marine life.
  • Onboard. Fireplaces were once a feature on some ships and yachts, offering warmth in cabins during earlier eras, but safety considerations have made them uncommon today. The ill-fated RMS Titanic had several facades strategically placed over electrical heaters to create the illusion of working fireplaces, but it’s been speculated that the ship had just one functioning fireplace in the second-class smoke room.
  • Overhead. Treehouses were once the pinnacle of childhood dreams. These days, man caves and she-sheds have evolved into luxury treehouses. They can be wired with electricity so you can watch your favorite movies perched high amongst the trees and if you’re feeling really adventurous, a fireplace could be the final piece of the cozy puzzle. Of course, safety needs to be taken into consideration when you determine a fuel source. An electric fireplace may be the best path forward to air on the side of caution. 
  • In caves. Fire wasn’t just a source of comfort – there is archaeological evidence that reveals that fire played a vital role in the lives of ancient humans who once inhabited caves. Fireplaces built by these civilizations can still be found in some historical sites.

Create Your Dream Fireplace Now

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