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Your fireplace should be the focal point of your living room, but if you feel the facing is outdated, you may not feel your hearth area looks as special as it should.Summer Is a Great Time for a Fireplace Facelift - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney Service If you have been wanting to update its look, Ashbusters can help you get the exact style of facing you feel would truly make your fireplace the centerpiece of the room.
Our expert staff can work with you to develop and create the fireplace of your dreams. We offer a wide variety of material options, which allows us to give your fireplace the best facelift ever. From stone to metal and from tile to brick, we can design any style of fireplace facing you wish. To be sure you can enjoy your new fireplace on the first cool day of fall, summer is a great time to do this facelift. Beginning this project now gives us plenty of time to complete the job, and our experienced staff is here to consult with you on exactly how you want your fireplace to appear. We recommend that you first check out some ideas on Pinterest and Houzz for fireplace facings, and we would like to share with you a few of some of our favorite looks to help you get started.


If your style tends to be more modern than traditional, you may really love having a steel or copper fireplace facing. Ashbusters has constructed both commanding and unassuming metal fireplace facings, depending on the design. We find metal works well when the major factors for this new facing include space and simplicity. We can help you pick out the best type of metal for the design you want.


Are you looking for a durable material with color, texture, and finish options? Cast, or poured-in-place, concrete may be what you want for your new fireplace facing. We like cast concrete because it can be used for any shape or size; however, the weight of the concrete must be considered. Our expert design staff and installation technicians will be able to help you when making this decision.

CULTURED STONESummer Is a Great Time for a Fireplace Facelift - Nashville Tennessee - Ashbusters Chimney Service

For those on a budget who love the looks of stone, Ashbusters recommends choosing cultured stone as the material for your fireplace facing. A manufactured “stone,” cultured stone is lightweight and have been cast and finished to strongly resemble natural stone. We like cultured stone because it comes in over 100 different colors as well as in a wide variety of textured. With cultured stone, we can build fireplace facings that look like ledgestone, limestone, or river rock at a fraction of the weight and cost.

Make sure your fireplace is the focal point of your dreams this fall. Contact us at Ashbusters today to get started on your fireplace facelift this summer.