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Ashbusters is proud to receive this award again in 2013. We work hard to make sure our customers are happy. We will continue to provide quality customer service because we know that without you, we have no business. Thanks again and let the celebration begin!



Award Presented to: Ashbusters Chimney Service, IncNew 2013 Star Rating: 5

Ashbusters Chimney Service, Inc
Scores Another Victory!

It is hard enough to win an award once; imagine the challenge in winning it over and over again! Congratulations to you and your staff for reaching another milestone in overall customer satisfaction. In 2012 your business received the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award, and through hard work and commitment, your team has achieved a consecutive win with 5 stars for 2013.

Why is our research so valuable to business owners? There are hundreds of websites posting feedback and ratings for almost every product and service on the market today. Millions of people use these sites before deciding which businesses, products and services to trust. Everything is geared at protecting consumers, yet businesses’ reputations are left extremely vulnerable. Unlike any other service that rates and posts customer satisfaction scores, Talk of the Town averages scores and data from user-review and business-review websites, social networks, business-rating services, and industry resources all by hand. In doing so, we adjust for the occasional negative review that might be posted from a competitor or a positive review from a family member, giving consumers the “complete picture” of your business’ overall customer satisfaction.

Leaders in business and marketing know what it means to get recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction. The customer experience starts with how consumers perceive your company and ends with their overall experience when they become customers. This award is a branding tool that reassures new and existing customers that they have chosen the best. Consumers trust award-winning businesses, especially those that customers rate highly year after year.