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It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it. Chimney sweeps have been doing the hard work of cleaning and inspecting chimneys for years. The job is often considered dirty and undesirable, but it’s a respected and valued position for anyone that owns a home with a chimney and/or fireplace.

During the Industrial Revolution, many children were employed as chimney sweeps. Because they are smaller, they could fit into the chimney with ease. With advances in modern technology, and new equipment that improves the chimney sweeping techniques used, people the size of children are no longer needed as chimney sweeps. Instead, this valuable profession is reserved for the highly trained and responsible. Chimney sweeps are highly trained in chimney repair and diagnostics. After all, they must be able to detect chimney repairs before they become major problems in your home. Vacuums, high–tech equipment, and even cameras are used to inspect every inch of a homeowner’s chimney to make sure it is clean and in proper (and safe) working order. The Chimney Safety Institute of America is a respected organization that aids in the education and training of chimney sweeps today.

It’s smart to not trust the inspection, cleaning, and care of your chimney to just anyone. Utilize a professional company that is highly skilled and professionally trained to assess and address all possible problems in your chimney. Keep your chimney in safe, working condition year after year with a regular chimney inspection from Ashbusters, your professional chimney sweep company.