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Ashbusters’ focus on reducing fire hazards for our clients extends well beyond sweeping and inspecting chimneys.  Maintaining dryer vents is a key part of minimizing fire hazards in homes today, too, and that’s why we put as much dedication and care into our dryer vent cleaning services as our chimney service.

Be mindful of the signs that tell you your dryer vent needs cleaning.

Be mindful of the signs that tell you your dryer vent needs cleaning.

Think about it: Just like your chimney, your dryer vents are expelling hot air and byproducts from a heating appliance. So if the vents get clogged, that expulsion is halted, and heat builds up. Since dryer lint is extremely flammable, a clogged dryer vent quickly becomes a serious fire hazard.

Not sure if it’s time to have your dryer vents cleaned? Here are some simple signs that usually indicate vents that are in need of attention.

Your Laundry Isn’t Drying

Are you running the dryer for a normal amount of time, and still finding damp clothes and towels once the dryer stops? That doesn’t necessarily mean your dryer is failing. When clogged vents keep heat and moisture from moving out of the home, your dryer has to work harder to try and do its job, and it ends up taking more time, using more energy and taking more money to get your laundry dry. That creates more lint build-up, and makes the situation worse. More often than not, a thorough dryer vent cleaning will get your dryer back to doing its job properly again.

You Notice Excess Heat On Your Dryer And In The Area Around It

The harder your dryer has to work, the more heat builds up in the vents and in the machine itself. So if you notice that your dryer is particularly hot, or that it feels warmer in the room around the dryer, that could indicate a clogged vent and an overworked appliance.

You Smell Something Musty Or Mildew

If a clogged vent is preventing your dryer from working properly, you may notice a musty odor to your laundry, since dampness isn’t able to escape properly or efficiently.

You See Excess Lint

Take a look at the dryer termination outside. Do you see a lot of lint around the opening and going into the ducts? Your eyes don’t lie — that build-up means you’re due for a cleaning.

Ashbusters can help keep your laundry dry and your home safer — if you’re due for a dryer vent cleaning appointment, or just want to know more about dryer vent cleaning, give us a call!