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In the midst of summer, the last thing you’re likely thinking about is the state of your fireplace and chimney, but here at Ashbusters, we urge you to take a moment to schedule your annual inspection as soon as you can. Fall always comes faster than you think, and once cooler weather officially strikes, you’ll be happy to have your maintenance done early!

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Another perk of scheduling your inspection well before the start of your burning season is that you’ll have ample time to have any repairs addressed. All too often, homeowners schedule last-minutes inspections and cleanings, only to discover much bigger problems are present. This forces them to delay any fires they were planning to build, which can put a damper on many future evenings.

Eager to stay ahead of it all? Schedule an appointment with our team today! And if you have questions about some of the more common repair jobs we do, please read below. We’re eager to keep you well-informed on it all!

1. Masonry Repairs

If your brickwork and mortar aren’t properly maintained and protected, then it won’t be long before things start to deteriorate. One of the biggest threats to your masonry is water-related damages. Bricks are surprisingly absorbent, and they can hold quite a bit of water. This moisture eventually causes the structure to crack and crumble, which threatens the integrity of your entire system as a whole.

Along with this, all the extra weight from the water will put strain on your chimney, which causes various parts to break down prematurely. In the end, your risk of experiencing a settlement or collapse will rise significantly, and the more cracks, holes, and gaps you face, the higher your chances are of having a gas leak or fire.

Fortunately, we can repair damaged brick and mortar with brick replacement and tuckpointing services, and once your structure is sturdy again, we can apply our waterproofing products to prevent any future decay. Don’t take any chances – schedule some maintenance with our team today!

Replacing Chimney Caps - Nashville TN - Ashbusters

2. Chimney Cap Replacement

Your chimney cap plays a vital role in keeping the interior of your flue protected. It stops rain, snow, and sleet from entering, thus preventing water damage, and it keeps dirt and debris out, as well, which reduces the likelihood of experiencing clogs. Basically, without this protective covering, countless potentially harmful materials could be entering your system!

Another reason chimney caps are important is to prevent animal entry, The sturdy brick walls of your chimney offer a perfect place for birds, squirrels, raccoons, and countless other critters to hunker down and stay safe from predators and bad weather. Unfortunately, they tend to bring in nesting materials with them, which blocks things up and provides kindling where you want it the least. And if they have babies, you’re really in trouble! Your best bet is to keep all woodland creatures out in the first place, and a chimney cap will help you do just that.

Unfortunately, not all caps were created equal and all too often they are installed poorly or incorrectly. In these cases, a new one may need to be fitted, ensuring your home and chimney stay in the best shape possible for the long haul. Our team can set you up right, so don’t hesitate to reach out today!

3. Crown Rebuilds

When it comes to protecting your masonry from excess moisture, the crown plays a big role in preventing damage. It is designed to sit on the top of your chimney and slant downwards, ensuring any water up there is sent out and away from the sides of your structure. That being said, it needs to be constructed correctly and with the right materials to ensure optimum efficiency.

From minor repairs to entire rebuilds, we can handle any and all of your crown-related needs.

4. Relining Work

There are lots of reasons your liner may be breaking down, but no matter the cause, it is vital that you invest in repair or relining work as soon as possible. Your liner guards adjacent woodwork from catching on fire, it protects your masonry from breaking down faster than what’s normal, and it helps your fireplace function as efficiently as possible. Needless to say, operating a fireplace with a faulty liner puts your home and family at serious risk!

Now, if it’s possible to repair a damaged liner, we have the tools, training, and products to get the job done right, but sometimes an entirely new liner may be your best option. We’d be happy to look things over and figure what would be the right route for your unique needs. Set up an appointment today, so we can get started soon!

5. Creosote Removal

Removing creosote isn’t technically a repair job, but avoiding this service can result in some serious damages. Anyone who owns a wood-burning fireplace should be investing in cleaning services on a regular basis, as excess creosote can easily ignite, causing a chimney fire. If flames are given the opportunity to move through your structure, your metal chimney components will warp, your brickwork and mortar will weaken significantly, and cracking will occur throughout the masonry.

What makes chimney fires even scarier is how quietly they occur. Most of the time, homeowners don’t even realize they’ve experienced one, which means they continue to use their fireplace unaware of the risks they face by doing so! The likelihood of experiencing gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, smoke inhalation, house fires, and more goes up dramatically after a chimney fire, so avoiding them altogether is always your best bet.

All in all, an annual inspection is a must when it comes to keeping your system running as safely and as efficiently as possible. Don’t wait any longer – book an appointment with us