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It’s officially fall, and many are immersing themselves in the seasonal joys of pumpkin-flavored treats, apple cider, and Halloween decor. If this is your favorite time of year, it can be easy to forget about someHouse in Autumn home maintenance necessities before cold weather officially strikes. Consider the following tips to ensure you’re able to enjoy this year’s holidays to the fullest!

1. Schedule a Fireplace Inspection

If your home has a fireplace, then you know how nice it feels to cozy up on the warm hearth when temperatures finally start to drop. Unfortunately, too many people assume that if their chimney was fine last year, then they don’t need to have it professionally inspected this year.

Unfortunately, this is far from true. In fact, your system likely doesn’t stay the same on a day-to-day basis, even if you’re not using it!

It’s not unusual at all for animals, rains, bad weather, and more to cause damage and deterioration. This means that one year you could have no problems and the next you might find yourself with clogs, cracks, decay, mold, rusting, and more, all of which can put your home and family at serious risk.

Because of this, the NFPA recommends annual inspections, as well as regular sweepings. A thorough overview plus a bit of minimal maintenance can go a long way when it comes to keeping your system operating safer and more efficiently.

2. Consider An Upgrade

Appliance upgrades can make your life a lot easier in the wintertime. A newer system will lead to more efficiency, ensuring your family gets the heat and comfort they deserve, and most updated models are better for the environment, too, ensuring you every opportunity to lower your carbon footprint.

Along with more heat and better functionality, heightened efficiency means lower month-to-month payments on your energy bills. This can pay off quite a bit in the long run! In the end, upgrading your appliances is definitely worth considering.

3. Check On Your Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save countless lives every single year, and because gas leaks and house fires are more common in the colder months, checking yours now is a good idea. In fact, if you own a gas burning appliance or furnace, then it’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector installed on every floor, and smoke detectors should be placed right alongside them!

Unfamiliar with carbon monoxide? Well, this poisonous gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and because it is so hard to detect with basic senses, it leads to many deaths and hundreds of health-related issues every single year, especially for those with already weakened immune systems.

Play it safe – have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home today.

4. Have Your HVAC System Looked At

When it comes to home maintenance, the best time to have repairs and inspections done is between the times you use the appliance the most. Unfortunately, most people don’t remember to schedule professional care until they want to use their system, which makes it harder to get an appointment on the books!

Your HVAC system tends to fall into this category. When it comes to heating and cooling, it’s always better to invest in affordable preventative care, rather than major repair or reconstruction work after a problem has occurred.

There’s still time to get the services you need, so call on our sister company, Airbusters Heating & Cooling Service, to handle all of your needs today.

5. Check Gutters & Downspouts

When was the last time you checked your gutters and downspouts? If you’re having trouble remembering, then it’s time to take a look! Clogged gutters will cause water to run down the side of your home, which leads to rotted out wood and soffit, as well as extensive damage around your foundation.

Does it seem like your chimney is leaking? Before going too crazy with repairs and replacement parts, unclog your gutters and see if that helps. Oftentimes, that excess water is just coming from your gutters!

All in all, it is well worth it to get all that dirt and debris out before snow makes its big appearance.

6. Make Sure Windows & Doors Are Sealed

Don’t lose money by letting heat escape! If you feel cold air rushing in (and it’s not windy outside), that means air is leaving your home somewhere else, as well. You likely have a house pressure problem or leak somewhere higher in the home. Having this addressed and resolved as soon as possible will ensure you stay warmer and your bills stay lower.

Feel cold air coming in through the chimney damper? It’s not necessarily the fireplace that’s the problem. Other areas in the home could be leaking warm air out, causing cold air to come in through your fireplace’s openings. All in all, having a professional check things over right away is the best course of action.

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