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When you need masonry chimney construction and repair services, it is important to hire a professional. A professional masonry repair helps your chimney system to function efficiently and safely. If you have noticed cracks or missing bricks and mortar joints, our experts can help get your chimney back in top shape.

Our experts are trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). You can trust us to properly repair any of your masonry damages. We can also help you add an outdoor fireplace or restore an old hearth and chimney. We would like to tell you more about our professional chimney masonry construction and repair services.


If you live in a home built before the 1940’s, the mortar joints may have deteriorated faster than the bricks. This is because masons did not use the more durable Portland cement-based mortar mixes when building homes. To restore beauty to your older masonry chimney, our chimney experts use the masonry technique, tuckpointing.

According to Bob Vila, this technique involves removing old and damaged mortar from the joints and replacing it with new mortar that has been carefully mixed to match the consistency and color of the existing bricks, while also embedding thin lines of mortar in a contrasting color down the center of each new joint. We always make sure that our masonry repair work matches the exact look of the entire exterior chimney.


In addition to our full-service masonry chimney repairs and restorations, we also provides professional masonry chimney construction services. If you want to improve your outdoor patio this summer, you will want to consider adding an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor kitchen.

Our experienced staff will work with you from the planning stages to the completion of this project. We work to make sure make your outdoor living area a dream come true. Our masons can also help to design an outdoor fireplace or kitchen to give you a great place to enjoy spending time friends, while adding value to your home, and also working with your specific budget.


So when it comes to professional masonry chimney service, Ashbusters can do it all. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for masonry chimney repair, restoration, or construction services.