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Although the high heat and even higher humidity we get every summer here in the Nashville area should be enough to make you forget about your chimney and fireplace system for a bit, those unpleasant chimney odors you have been noticing lately have quickly reminded you about it. Every summer during the past thirty-something years that we have been in business, Ashbusters gets more calls about stinky chimneys thanWhat Causes Chimney Odors - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney Service almost any other issue. Discovering the source of your chimney odor can be a challenge since it could be caused by several things, but you can trust our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professionals to quickly make a diagnosis and give you a fair and honest written estimate of what we need to do to make your home smell clean and fresh again. We would like to tell you the most likely sources of chimney odors and how we can help you with your stinky chimney.


If your home smells like someone burned hot dogs on the grill, the most likely source of your chimney odor is creosote, a natural compound that develops during the combustion process of burning wood. Ashbusters gets the majority of our stinky chimney calls during the summer because the high humidity levels can make this compound’s acrid and unpleasant smell much stronger. The best way to get rid of this chimney odor is to have us professionally sweep your chimney to remove all of the creosote. Not only does this compound stink, it also creates a high chimney fire risk. Creosote is so highly flammable that the CSIA has named it as one of the leading causes of chimney fires. When you have your annual chimney sweeping taken care of in late summer and early fall, your fireplace will be ready to enjoy safe fires whenever you want to use it.


Due to the number of trees being cut down for real estate development purposes, birds, squirrels, bats, raccoons, and other wild animals are having such a difficult time finding nesting spots that they are choosing to make chimneys their new homes. These critters can be quite a nuisance because of the noise, but the smell from their waste can be unbearable at times. Even worse is the possibility of a bird or wild animal becoming trapped and dying inside the chimney, which can cause a seriously foul odor in your home that can last for weeks and even months. To keep this from ever occurring in your chimney, Ashbusters recommends having us professionally install a chimney cap on the top of your chimney. You want to be sure that you choose a cap that has mesh metal sides that will prevent wild animal chimney invasions. This important chimney component also keeps another odor source, water from rain and melted ice and snow, from standing in the floor of your firebox or smoke chamber so long that it makes your home smell musty and stale.

While stinky chimneys are a common problem this time of the year, you can keep unpleasant odors at bay by following a recommended chimney maintenance schedule. Contact us today at Ashbusters to schedule your appointment for our professional chimney sweeping services.