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Every time your family enjoys a warm, cozy fire, your chimney liner plays an essential role in keeping you safe. In fact, local building codes began requiring that every chimney be lined after the National Board of Standards declared unlined chimneys to be unsafe after testing them in the 1940s and again in the 1980s, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Without a liner, there is a dangerously high risk of heat transfer leading to an accidental fire. Your chimney could also be a fire hazard if your liner is old and damaged because the extreme heat can pass through any cracks and gaps in the liner to the combustible parts of your home. For more than three decades, Ashbusters has provided superior professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services to the Nashville area, and we offer different types of chimney relining options, including HeatShield and stainless steel liner installation. We would like to tell you the differences between these two chimney relining services.

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If you live in an older home with a masonry chimney, there is a good chance that you have a clay tile liner. Although this type of liner is built to last a lifetime, the tiles can become chipped and cracked from being exposed to extremely high temperatures for years. In the past, repairing clay tile liners was very expensive because of labor costs, but fortunately, a new repair method, HeatShield, was developed in the 1980s to restore the integrity of this type of liner. Formulated as a combination of ceramic and refractory coatings, HeatShield will protect you from the dangers of gaps, cracks, and spalling for years. Our chimney professionals at Ashbusters have been trained and certified by the manufacturer to use HeatShield, and this means that our relining work will be covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


If your clay tile liner is damaged beyond repair with HeatShield, Ashbusters can replace your damaged liner with a new stainless steel liner. We also recommend going with this durable and dependable type of liner if you need to bring an unlined chimney up to codes or if you are updating your masonry fireplace to a gas fireplace insert. You can trust our CSIA-certified professionals to properly install your new stainless steel liner so that your chimney will work as efficiently and as safely as possible. If you have any problems with your liner, all you have to do is call us because it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

If it is time to reline your chimney, contact us today at Ashbusters to make an appointment for our professional chimney inspection services. If we find any damage to your existing liner, we can recommend whether our HeatShield restoration service or our stainless steel liner installation service would be the best relining option for your chimney.