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Chimneys are strong, sturdy structures that have come a long way over the years in terms of safety. Way back in the day, chimneys weren’t required to have any specific interior lining system. This unfortunately led to some dangerous situations as materials wore out and deteriorated due to direct contact with heat and acidic fireplace fumes.

Today’s sweeps know better, which is why the importance of having a chimney liner properly installed is something we emphasize so much! Liners protect your home from the fire’s intense heat, they ensure those harmful gases don’t break down your masonry, and they help you get the most you can from your appliance in terms of efficiency.

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But there’s no one-size-fits-all in terms of liner choices. The kind of liner repairs you’re requiring may vary based on the damages throughout your chimney, and in some cases the best option is to forgo repairs and replace the entire system altogether.

Here we’ll explore the two main options we offer – HeatShield® services and Stainless Steel Liners. Learn more below to find out what’s right for you!

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All About HeatShield®

If you have a clay tile liner that is broken down, cracked, and/or chipped, then putting your fireplace to use can be dangerous. These gaps and openings invite smoke, flames, and poisonous gases into your home, putting the health and safety of loved ones at risk. Needless to say, fixing things up (and quick) is a top priority for any household.

In the past, this wasn’t something easily done. It took a lot of time and money to restore a clay liner, making it challenging for homeowners who weren’t looking to break the bank. Fortunately, HeatShield® came into play in the 1980s, allowing homeowners quicker, cheaper, and more effective results from then on.

So, how does it work? Well, there are actually three different ways HeatShield® can improve the state of your chimney.Let’s go over them.

  1. Joint Repair System: If your mortar joints are the only thing giving you issues, then the joint repair system is the route to take. We’ll put a custom-designed foam plug down into the bottom of your chimney, pour the cerfractory flue sealant mixture over the top, then slowly pull the plug up, allowing it to fill all of those voids and gaps with ease.
  2. Resurfacing System: If your chimney is facing more damage than some missing mortar joints (like spalling and cracking), resurfacing may be appropriate for you. Again, we’ll put that custom foam plug into the bottom of your chimney. This time, though, we’ll start with a “tie coat,” which removes any dirt and dust from the flue. After that, a ¼-inch thick layer of HeatShield® materials are added. Once complete, you can rest assured your system is sealed up and ready for use!
  3. CeCure Sleeve Relining System: If the damage in your flue is especially out of control (or if your liner is missing altogether), then it’s time to consider investing in the CeCure Sleeve Relining System. A stainless-steel ceramic insulation layer (squeezed between two cerfractory flue sealant layers) is applied to reline your entire chimney for optimal safety and efficiency.

For both the resurfacing and the relining methods, we’ll verify results by snaking a camera up your flue for an in-depth and up-close look at it all.

And don’t stress about qualifications. Techs have to be trained by the HeatShield® factory itself, and the company selects only authorized users (like us) to ensure homeowners are only getting the best of the best.

All About Stainless Steel Liners

Now, sometimes a liner is in such poor condition that HeatShield® methods just won’t cut it. In these cases, we’ll talk about replacing your liner with a durable stainless steel option. When it comes to long-lasting protection, nothing beats stainless steel – that’s why these liners come with a lifetime warranty! You won’t face rust, wear and tear, or inefficiency. Just sit back and enjoy with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Just remember – the warranty is only valid when you invest in professional installation services. That’s why it’s vital to trust in our qualified crew from the start! We’ll do the job right, putting your safety and satisfaction above everything else the whole way through.

Trust in Our Skilled Experts for Everything

Why do homeowners throughout Nashville turn to us time and time again? Because we treat every customers like a member of the family! We train hard and stay educated and up to date on it all, ensuring we always provide the best care possible. We also believe in the power of a supportive community, so you can bet we’ll do everything we can to lift you up and provide a better experience

Not sure where your chimney stands? Then it’s time to schedule your next inspection with our award-winning team. We’ll look things over and determine whether your liner is in good shape and ready for use or if it needs some extra care. Don’t wait – reach out to us today!