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Handling a Smoking Fireplace Image - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney ServiceThe holiday season is here, and gathering around a warm and cozy fire with family and friends is a popular activity during this time. You may be looking forward to fireside holiday moments at your home; however, every time you have tried to start a fire in your fireplace, smoke fills the room. This is a common issue for homeowners, and our staff at Ashbusters is frequently asked by our customers what they should do when they have a smoky fireplace. We would like to share with you some of the reasons why this smoky problem happens and how to solve these issues.

Your chimney is in need of maintenance services.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), along with many other fire safety organizations, recommends having your chimney professionally swept and inspected once a year to ensure your fireplace will work efficiently and safely all winter. If you have not had these professional chimney maintenance services done this year, you could have a flue blockage that is causing the smoky problem. Ashbusters is proud to offer these maintenance services to the Nashville area, and we can check to see if something is blocking your flue.

Your damper is closed.

Sometimes people forget to open the damper before lighting a fire, and a closed damper will force smoke back into your home. Always be sure you have fully opened your damper before starting a fire in your fireplace.

Your home has a negative air pressure issue.

Many homeowners work hard to weatherize their homes by making sure every window and door is sealed shut to keep outside air from being able to get inside and affect the thermostat. While this can save you money on your utility bills, it can create negative air pressure in your home which can lead to chimney draft issues. To keep this from causing a smoky fireplace, the Wisconsin Country Time Gazette recommends that you crack open a window in the same room as your fireplace.

Your central heating system is causing the problem.

When you are running your central furnace at the same time you are using your fireplace, you could experience smoky fireplace problems. Your furnace is so strong that it can overpower the draft of the chimney to cause exhaust problems. Avoiding this issue is simple – just do not run your central heating system when using your fireplace.

Enjoy the holiday season without worrying about smoky fireplaces. Contact us at Ashbusters for all of your fireplace and chimney maintenance, repair, and installation needs.