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As the owner of a home that has a built-in fireplace and working chimney, it’s important that you stay diligent in inspecting the integrity of these working appliances.

As you use your fireplace and chimney throughout the winter, make it a point to do a visual scan of your chimney, for any cracks or other potential problems. If you spot a crack, don’t panic. Sometimes cracks are merely cosmetic blemishes. However, it’s important to contact your local chimney inspector to make sure there isn’t a more serious problem. By visually inspecting your chimney regularly, you can prevent larger damages before they become major problems. Plus, you can keep your fireplace and chimney in top working condition, so they keep your family warm all winter long.

Your professionally trained chimney sweep will be able to rule out any serious damages, and can recommend the necessary repairs. However, if you spot a crack, don’t delay in contacting a chimney inspection service. The more diligent you are in spotting cracks in your chimney, the more likely it is that you will prevent dangerous problems and costly repairs.