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Owning a fireplace can be a lot of fun, but with this enjoyment comes some responsibility. Without proper care and maintenance, your system could face some serious issues, like cracking, crumbling, creosote accumulation, and more. Our qualified crew can help with all of these things, but today we’d like to focus on another problem that tends to become more prevalent this time of year – animal invasion.

Do you have curious animals taking over your space?

We’ve got the knowledge you need to tackle this problem head on. Learn more below, then reach out to the sweeps here at Ashbusters Chimney Service, so that we can help you through it all. We’d be happy to set you up right!

Which Animals Are Most Likely To Enter My Chimney?

Here in the Nashville area, some animals are more likely to enter your system than others. The most common critters we discover are birds, squirrels, and raccoons, and we’ll see an occasional snake now and then, too. Of course, don’t think your system will be limited to just these animals! All kinds of woodland creatures can find their way in, so be on your guard, and be sure to invest in preventative maintenance, so you don’t face bigger issues down the line.

Why My Chimney?

Most of the time, an animal will want to enter your chimney because it’s a good place to build a nest for their young. Raccoons especially like this cozy, well-protected area, and they would be happy to set up camp on your smoke shelf. Unfortunately, this gives the critters easy access to your home once your damper is open, and the last thing anyone wants is a bunch of raccoon babies zipping through their living space.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Chimney - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney Service

As far as birds or squirrels are concerned, your chimney opening is really similar to the holes in trees, which is a big reason why they are drawn to it. It makes a great spot for them to build nests and keep their little ones safe from the elements or from predators. And snakes are just looking for a way to enter your home, so that they have a warm spot to keep their internal temperatures in check and possibly look for some food.

All in all, chimneys offer a great place for animals to hunker down and keep their little ones safer. Their strong walls ensure no harsh winds get to them, and it’ll be harder for bigger animals that are on the hunt to find them and eat them.

How Can I Prevent Animal Entry Down The Line?

So, what’s the best way to keep animals out for good? Well, that’s where we come in. Once they are all cleared out and your chimney is swept by our team of professionals, we can install a chimney cap, which will ensure they stay out for good. What is a chimney cap? Well, it is a device that covers the top of your chimney, so no animals can find their way in. It also works to keep out water, downdrafts, and excess debris – an all-around essential piece of chimney anatomy!

Talk with our crew about your options today. We offer both stainless steel caps and copper caps, and we can custom fit them to your flue, so you’re guaranteed the highest level of protection possible. In the end, it’s an affordable investment that is well worth every penny spent, especially when you consider the amount of damages and other problems you’ll avoid because of it. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s no reason not to take the plunge today!

How Can Ashbusters Help?

Now, when it comes to animal removal, the sweeps at Ashbusters Chimney Service will not remove birds, since many are federally protected. The chimney swift is one example. These small birds are declining in number and are especially prone to turn to chimneys when nesting because they like to build their homes on vertical surfaces. Unfortunately for homeowners that find themselves stuck with them, they cannot be removed or harmed in any way. Doing so is illegal and will result in some hefty fines.

As you can see, bird removal simply isn’t an option in many cases, which is why we choose not to mess with them. The best route to take is to wait out their nesting season until they leave on their own, then cap the chimney, so that they cannot return the following year. As far as other wildlife is concerned, we suggest calling a wildlife removal professional that can humanely trap the critter, then release it in a more appropriate environment. If the animals in your chimney have already passed away, then we will remove them during the chimney sweeping process.

Schedule An Inspection Today

The best way to see where you’re at and what services you may need to invest in this spring is to schedule an inspection with our team. If a sweeping is in order, we can get that on the books, and we can ensure your chimney cap is well-fitted and sturdy, too, so that animals can’t find their way inside of your flue. Ready to get started? We’d love to help you out soon, so pick up the phone today!