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No one really thinks about their dryer vents unless it’s brought to their attention. It’s really unfortunate that this small part of your home, condo or apartment gets overlooked because it can be the cause of some small and large issues.

When a dryer is taking more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes we normally look to purchase a new dryer. However, what might be wrong has more to do with the dryer vent being clogged than the dryer not working properly. Most people think that the only thing you will find in that vent is going to be lent from your clothes but that’s just not always the case. Mice can make a nice little nest in the vent as well as birds. They like using the lent as it makes for a cozy home. Regrettably, their home is now in your home as well.

A simple cleaning can eliminate the lent in the vent and restore your dryer ability to function properly. It also takes out one of the most potential fire starters that can lie dormant in your home today. Even the Boy Scouts of America list lent as a great item to bring with them on camp outs due to it being such a great fire starting material. That’s great for a scout but you don’t want a buildup of this material in your home just waiting for an opportunity to ignite.

Getting rid of lent, nests and other buildup in dryer vents normally takes less than an hour of time and is done quickly. The company you choose to service your dryer vent should leave your home as clean as, or cleaner than, when they came. You will be doing yourself and your family a great service by getting the dryer vents cleaned in your home once a year. It’s a safety measure to prevent fires and also an energy saving measure by keeping your dryer running at optimum levels.