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Long ago, it was believed that if storks started nesting in your chimneys they would bring good fortune to the homeowner. However, actually, the only luck these stork nests bring you is bad luck. Logically, any kind of blockage in your chimney is bad news. These nesting hindrances will give you a lot of headaches, and can lead to a house fire if not remedied. Once your chimney gets blocked, you can face numerous problems such as chimney fires, dangerous smoking situations, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were at least 18,300 fires that were caused by chimneys. The fires cost $160 million in property damages, and left 160 injured and 40 dead. The Chimney Safety Institute of America commented that these residential fires would have been prevented if homeowners had been more concerned about their chimneys. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that homeowners should conduct yearly chimney inspections to avoid potential fire hazards.

The common misconception that homeowners have about their chimneys is that they believe that their chimneys should only be cleaned if they burn wood. It is concerning that a lot of homeowners clean their basements, garages, and roof gutters, and they neglect to take time to inspect and make repairs for their chimneys. They are taking a great risk by not looking after their chimneys. If homeowners fail to check their chimneys, the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning will go up. You can buy a carbon monoxide detector to check the carbon monoxide levels in your living room, but you should also have your chimney inspected regularly.

The importance of a well maintained chimney cannot be overstated. You will save you and your family from a potentially tragic situation by simply having these regular chimney checkups.