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Chimney and fireplace upkeep during the off months, and before you use your chimney is vital for the overall maintenance of your home. It’s important you properly inspect and clean your chimney before you use it. Beyond that, fireplace maintenance is very important during the winter months, when it is in use.

Only burn what you are supposed to burn in your fireplace. Plastics and other synthetic materials should not be used in your fireplace. Also, don’t use fire starters that aren’t recommended for indoor fireplace use. Between fireplace uses, be sure to properly sweep out your fireplace. By regularly cleaning your fireplace you are eliminating a potentially hazardous and messy situation inside your home. Use a cage to protect your family, and your fireplace. Some types of wood may crackle and sputter while burning, so a cage will make sure nothing (and no one) gets burned. Enjoy your fireplace all winter long, and do so with the utmost safety and care. Maintain your fireplace throughout the winter to keep it in proper working order.