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Whenever our customers are looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency in their homes, Ashbusters strongly recommends them to update their old traditional throat damper to a new top-mounted damper. We are proud to carry the best one on the market, the Energy Top from US Fireplace Products. Saving energy is just one of the many reasons why we love the Energy Top damper, and we would like to share with you 12 of these reasons.

1. Serves more than one function

masonry chimney with chimney capBecause this damper is installed at the top of your chimney, it also can act as a chimney cap when it is closed. The Energy Top Plus is equipped with metal meshing that allows it to keep out wildlife even when the damper is open.

2. Easy to operate

Throat dampers can be hard to adjust, especially after years of corrosion damage. You will not have to worry about that difficulty with the Energy Top. Just use the easily accessible handle that is mounted inside the fireplace to open and close the damper.

3. Decreases your utility bills

The Energy Top has a rubber gasket that provides an airtight seal on top of your chimney that keeps heated and cooled air from escaping out of your home. This will lower your utility bills each month.

4. Budget-friendly

Economically priced, the Energy Top is a smart investment in your home. You should also consider the money that you will save each month from lower utility bills.

5. Lifetime warranty coverage

If you should ever have a problem with your Energy Top damper, you can contact Ashbusters, and we will file a claim for you with the manufacturer. After approving your claim, the manufacturer will either repair or replace the damper.

6. Helps improve chimney draft

When your chimney has draft issues, it can make lighting fires a challenge. Because the Energy Top gives your chimney a higher opening, your chimney will draft better and make it easier to light a fire.

7. Safe to use

With a default open position, the Energy Top damper provides you with the maximum in safety. This means you will never have to worry about smoke and other combustion byproducts entering your home when you light a fire in the fireplace.

8. Durable

Manufactured from high-quality metal materials, the Energy Top is tough and durable enough to last for years. Ashbusters recommends an annual maintenance inspection to prolong the life of the damper.

9. Easy to install

With easy-to-follow instructions, the Energy Top can be installed by homeowners who are comfortable on a roof. However, the manufacturer recommends that a chimney professional like Ashbusters install your damper to ensure it will function properly.

10. Available in different sizes

Since not all chimneys are built alike, the Energy Top is available in six different sizes. Each model was sized by common flue tiles.

11. Made by a trusted company

Over our 34 years of working on chimneys, Ashbusters knows which manufacturers make the best products, including the Energy Top. US Fireplace Products also provides superior customer service with its product guarantee.

12. Improves energy efficiency

As we first mentioned, Energy Top is a great way to make your home more energy efficient. Since this damper keeps heated and cooled air from escaping, you are not only saving energy but also ensuring that your home is more comfortable.

Is it time to update your damper to an Energy Top? Contact us today at Ashbusters to learn more about this chimney product we love so much.