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All of us love to save money. One of the biggest hits to your wallet concerning your home is heated and cooled air escaping through your chimney. This is often the fault of your damper. If it has been a while since you have replaced your throat damper, Ashbusters would like you to help you learn more about top-sealing damper. We are proud vendors and installers of Energy Top dampers from US Fireplace Products. We would like to tell you more about the all the benefits of this damper.

Tight Sealing

Benefits of Top-Sealing Dampers - Nashville TN - Ashbusters Chimney ServiceThe problem with most throat dampers is that they just do not provide a tight seal between the fireplace and the chimney. A top-sealing Energy Top damper is equipped with a silicone rubber gasket that tightly seals off your home from the outdoors. This save you money and energy when you fireplace is not in use, so you are not losing heated or cooled air through the chimney.

Easy to Operate

As throat dampers age, they suffer from corrosion damage that make them difficult to open and close. Many times, these traditional metal dampers get stuck in the closed or open position. In our years of providing professional chimney services to the Nashville area, Ashbusters has seen our fair share of unusable and inoperable dampers. However, you never have to worry about this dilemma with a top-sealing damper. As with a top sealing damper, you simply pull a lever located inside your fireplace to open and close it. Since it defaults to the open position, you also will never have to worry about the safety hazard of lighting a fire with a closed damper.

Serves Double Duty as a Chimney Cap

Because of its location at the top of your chimney, an Energy Top damper also function as a chimney cap. It works to protect your chimney from water penetration and wild animal invasions when it is in the closed position. Ashbusters also sells and installs the Energy Top Plus damper, which has metal meshing to serve as a chimney cap even when the damper is in the open position. For this reason, this type of damper is a great investment, especially if you do not have a chimney cap.

Want to improve the energy efficiency in your home this winter? Contact us today at 615-833-0349 to schedule an appointment with our trained and certified chimney technicians to install a top-sealing damper right now!