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When it comes to chimney care and maintenance, some things might seem a little daunting and confusing. Almost like a good riddle. Fortunately, Ashbusters can solve your chimney riddles with ease.

Can you solve these fun chimney riddles?

Riddle Me This…

a woman pondering something with question marks around her headWhat can go up a chimney down, but can’t go down a chimney up?

Answer: An Umbrella

Think about it. If your umbrella is opened up it’s going to have a very hard time fitting down a chimney. However, if your umbrella is closed, it would easily fit up your chimney. While we haven’t found any umbrellas stuck our customer’s chimneys (yet), we have seen plenty of creosote buildup, unwanted critters, and dirt. Let us help you clean that stuff up. Call Ashbusters today.

I burn with the wood and rise with the smoke
I stick to the walls whether ash, pine, or oak
The more I collect, the more likely I’ll burn
So clean me up quickly to remove this concern

Answer: Creosote

Creosote is a pesky substance that builds up within the walls of your flue. It comes as a byproduct of wood burning and, if not cleaned up, it will easily catch fire and spread flames throughout your chimney. That said, it’s easy to remove if it’s done regularly by a professional sweep. Let us help you with that. Schedule your sweeping today.

I can help you clean your shirt
I always fall, but I’m never hurt
Look for me to beat the heat
I can run without any feet

Answer: Water

Two things that don’t mix are water and chimneys. The damage that water can do to your brick and mortar can be devastating. It is very important to keep your chimney maintained and waterproofed so that water damage doesn’t become an issue. Solve the next riddle to see one way water damages your chimney.

I’m hard, but I’m not a stone
I’m cold, but I don’t need a coat
If I get warmed up I change appearance
I get put in drinks but I’m not a straw

Answer: Ice

When water and moisture get caught in the miniscule cracks and crevices of your masonry, they will slowly start to deteriorate the mortar, cement, and other materials that make up your chimney. 

And in cold weather, bigger issues arise. When the temperature drops, the water will turn to ice, expanding and putting a lot of pressure on the brick and mortar surrounding it. This causes the cracks to get bigger and small pockets become wider. Meaning more water will be able to penetrate the chimney once things warm up again.

This, of course, causes a vicious cycle that can lead to rapid deterioration of bricks, mortar, cement, linings, and other parts of your chimney. A weak chimney can be a major hazard. At Ashbusters we specialize in making sure chimneys are functioning correctly. Let us waterproof your chimney today.

a close up of fire glowingI go snap, crackle, and pop, but you can’t eat me for breakfast.
If you try, you will burn your mouth.

Answer: Fire

Of course everyone loves the warmth of a good fire. There’s nothing quite like the flickering glow as the flames dance around in your fireplace. Even the gentle crackling of the burning wood is music to most people’s ears. But too much snapping, crackling, and popping could mean that your wood is too moist.

When wood pops, you are hearing the sound of moisture from within the wood in the form of water or sap turning to gas, expanding, and popping open the wood. It’s best to use dried wood with a low moisture content – also known as well-seasoned wood. This wood burns more efficiently and slows the buildup of unwanted material, like creosote, on the inside of your chimney.

I can keep you warm, but I’m not a scarf
I’m often made of brick or stone, but I’m not a wall
I contain logs, but I’m not a forest
I’m found beneath a chimney, but I’m not Santa

Answer: Fireplace

The fireplace is a central part of the home. We at Ashbusters specialize in all things fireplace related. Not only can we help keep your fireplace and chimney ready for use, free of creosote, and well-maintained, we also specialize in designing fireplaces.

We have a whole team dedicated to making your fireplace perfectly suited for your needs. Whether you need to install a brand new fireplace on a blank wall, switch from one kind of fireplace to another, or simply redesign your fireplace to fit your decor, we can offer advice and services that will help you create the space of your dreams.

I’m always helpful, I’m always kind
I’m here to serve and the best you can find
I work real hard and keep everything clean
I will keep working hard until I’ve met all your needs

Answer: Ashbusters Team Member

Ashbusters has the most highly-trained, knowledgeable, and hard-working professional sweeps in Nashville and the surrounding area. When you put your fireplace and chimney in our hands, you can rest easier year after year.

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