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Pellet Stoves are enclosed heating devices that require compressed wood or wood pellets to make a heat source for residential, industrial and other purposes. By gradually putting pellets into a burn-pot space from a storage container, they constantly create a flame that needs little or no alterations. They are similar to wood burning stoves and fireplaces but are different in that they are electronically sophisticated machines that give a low cost heating choice for homeowners. They are an environmentally friendly type of home appliance and can help families stay warm while saving money in the short and long term.

Pellet Stoves are managed by electricity. The pellets are fed into a hopper that is situated either at the bottom or at the top of the unit. The auger which is a long screw motorized apparatus retrieves the pellets from the hopper inside the burn pot. Pellets are compressed inside the combustion chamber and then ignited while the burn pot creates an avenue for the fusion of air and fuel that both have to be available for the process of burning. The ash pot captures the burnt pellets while the pellet stove releases hot air through the process known as convection. In this process, the convection blower attracts cool air inside the area, passing it to the flame. The air then moves across to the heat exchanger heating up. The hot air is pushed into the exhaust blower to be released into the environment. Finally, a thermostat manages the device to control the number of pellets and regulates heat combustion.

Pellet Stoves are the simplest operational wood burning stoves and have several benefits. The burning process of compressed pellets is very efficient and made up of minimal moisture which releases little or no harmful gasses to the surroundings. Moreover, the fuel cost is very cheap. It does not produce smoke and you don’t have to deal with dryness or the nasty smell other types of stoves leave in the room. Their outer design is secure for most home set up and safe for families with children.

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