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Getting warm next to the fireplace

We Have a Chimney Sweep in Franklin & Brentwood Every Week

Franklin/Brentwood, TN is one of our favorite places to work! Some of our best chimney repairs and restorations have been done in the Franklin and Brentwood areas. We have a Chimney Sweep in the area almost every week taking care of cleaning and inspecting chimneys and getting them ready to safely use.

If it’s not chimneys we are servicing, its dryer vent cleaning. Did you know that dryer vents are the number one cause for fires in the United States? Once you realize how dangerous NOT cleaning your vents can be, it becomes a non issue to make sure you get those vents cleaned annually. Please take a minute to educate yourself on both the importance for dryer vent cleaning as well as cleaning your fireplace and chimneys.

Ashbusters prides itself in leaving your home as clean as, if not cleaner, than when we get there. Inspections of your fireplace should be done annually to ensure its safety. We promise to do it right and are waiting to earn your business.

If you live in the Franklin / Brentwood area call us at 615-790-7004 for a quote today or schedule an appointment online.


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