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The threat of carbon monoxide poisoning can happen in your home. A scary thought? Neglecting regular chimney maintenance can result in carbon monoxide leaking into your home without you even realize it. Odorless, tasteless, and invisible, this toxic gas can even become trapped within your house. If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm installed to alert you, you and your family could fall prey to illness or death from continuously inhaling large amounts of this gas. To be even safer from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, an annual chimney sweeping and inspection from a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified company like Ashbusters can stop this gas from becoming a problem. We would like to inform you about these dangers so that you can protect yourself and your family.

Carbon Monoxide - Nashville TN - Ashbusters

How Does Carbon Monoxide Affect My Body?

When you breathe in carbon monoxide, the poisonous gas enters your bloodstream. What your blood naturally does with this gas is the true danger. Hemoglobin, a protein in your blood, chooses to pick up and carry the carbon monoxide and to ignore oxygen. Of course, we need oxygen flowing through our bloodstreams to keep our cells from suffocating. The amount of damage caused depends on how long and how intensely you are exposed to inhaling carbon monoxide.

How Common Are Deaths and Illnesses Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

According to the CSIA, at least 200 people in the U.S. are killed every year from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by venting problems in their heating systems. Approximately 10,000 cases of sickness related to carbon monoxide are recorded each year as well.

What are the Side-Effects and Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Side-effects of low-level exposure can include permanent brain and other organ damage. Unfortunately, the symptoms of low-level poisoning are much like those of the common cold: headache, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. This causes many misdiagnoses of carbon monoxide poisoning, which prolongs the exposure. If these symptoms do not go away, be persistent with your doctor and ask for a blood test to check for levels of this toxic gas. The sooner high levels are found, the sooner life-saving treatment can begin.

How Does This Gas Enter My House?

Poor ventilation is the primary cause of carbon monoxide coming into your home; however, the factors behind the venting problems include a damaged or missing chimney flue liner, large deposits of creosote, debris clogging the passageway, and nesting from birds or other animals blocking the flue.

How Can I Stop Carbon Monoxide from Entering My Home?

All of the factors behind chimney ventilation problems can be corrected with an annual chimney sweeping and inspection from Ashbusters. With cases of carbon monoxide-related health issues on the rise, our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will clean out any blockages, check flue liners for damaging cracks, and replace a deteriorated chimney liner to protect you from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you have not scheduled your annual chimney sweeping and inspection this year, contact Ashbusters today. Our staff will arrange a chimney sweep visit to your home as soon as possible.