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Is Your Chimney Leaking?

Rainy Days Equate To Chimney Damage But Call A Professional Chimney Sweep NOT A ROOFER

Stop Water Damage in it’s Tracks!

Ashbuster’s Chimney service is locally owned and operated here in Nashville, TN which makes us the perfect choice to fix your leaky chimney. Water damage can cause extensive masonry work on your chimney and your fireplace due to the deterioration of the brick and mortar structure. Don’t wait until there is a serious problem to have your chimney leaks repaired!


What To Do When A Leak Is Found

  • If you hear water dripping into the firebox, spot water pooling near the fireplace, notice water damage to nearby ceilings, see cracks or deteriorating mortar joints, it’s time to call an expert.
  • We inspect and diagnose your leaks so you know your options when it comes to repairs.
  • Consider asking Ashubusters to waterproof your chimney or have other protective accessories installed such as chimney caps or a new chimney crown.

Chimney leaks can cause hundred or even thousands dollars worth of repair, so don’t wait to have it fix!


See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

I am very glad I called Ashbusters. Brandon came out and was very neat and careful in my home, he identified a serious issue and was able to get it corrected. He was extremely thorough and did an amazing job
Trisha Lewis

Replacing a heavy chimney cap 60 feet up, and removing and replacing all the siding, two fireplaces and piping — a challenge especially with 90+ degree heat. Matt and Rob were amazing – clever in their approach, efficient, very very careful to insure no water could ever get in, and so hard working! They cleaned up and even finished ahead of schedule! Thank you!
Molly Miller