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Your home is your haven, and selecting the right fireplace or home heating appliance for it takes serious consideration. A fireplace is a unique home system that should combine functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency, all with your life situation and desires in mind.

Whether you’re upgrading an outdated fireplace, considering a new addition, or seeking an alternative heating source, understanding your options will help you make an informed choice. And for quality fireplace installation services, we’re the only team to trust in the Nashville area.

Fireplace Fuel Options & Their Suitability

One of the first factors to weigh is how you’ll be fueling your appliance.

✔ Wood

a person reading and relaxing by a fireplace with a cat on their lapWood-burning fireplaces and stoves are a classic choice and create an ambiance and multi-sensory experience that’s paramount in the world of home heating options.

However, they do demand a fair bit of regular maintenance. Wood will need to be chopped or sourced and stored, and ash will need to be cleared. Attention must also be given to the quality of firewood used. If wood is green or damp – and therefore not seasoned – the resulting incomplete combustion can diminish the fireside experience and cause accumulation of nasty byproducts in your flue that will need to be cleared more frequently.

✔ Gas

Gas fueled appliances provide comfort and convenience. Easy to use, they offer instant warmth, opportunities for precision control, and relatively lower maintenance needs – enough to turn the head of any homeowner seeking hassle-free operation. Not to mention, they’re cleaner and more efficient than wood-burning options.

Choosing the Right Appliance Type

Regardless of what fuel type is the right fit for you, you’ll be able to select from a few basic types of appliances as well.

  • Traditional Fireplace: Built-in fireplaces present a classic look that adds an elegant focal point to a room. Who is it ideal for? Any homeowner seeking a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Fireplace Insert: Fireplace inserts can be installed directly into an existing fireplace, transforming it into an upgraded and more efficient heat source. If you want a boost in efficiency without major renovations, want an opportunity for increased control over your heating process, or you’re wanting to convert your fuel source, an insert is a great option.
  • Freestanding Stove: Stoves offer flexibility in placement, charm, and great heat output. If you’re after adaptable, cozy, and efficient heating, a freestanding stove may be for you.

Each of these options come in a family of styles. We carry a wide range of gas and electric fireplaces, inserts, and stoves – all certain to optimize the appearance and functionality of your room.

We put our years of industry experience to work in finding companies we trust for their track record of product quality, craftsmanship, and efficiency. This spells peace of mind and decreased energy costs for our customers and a result they’ll enjoy for years to come. After all, we wouldn’t want to install anything less than what we’d want in our own homes.

Ready to get started? Questions? Reach out today. We’re here for you.

New Fireplace Installation, Replacement, or Update?

Finally, consider where you are now and where you’d like to go.

  • a fireplace with a white surround and mantel in a nicely decorated living roomDo you have an existing fireplace, but find yourself dissatisfied with its efficiency? Maximizing what you already have by retrofitting a sleek wood or gas insert may be the answer.
  • Is your home woefully fireplace free? Our professionals can install one with a well-trained hand set to durability, beauty, efficiency and the highest industry standards for safety.
  • Perhaps you’re questioning whether your fireplace needs a facelift or a complete replacement. At times, cosmetic upgrades like refacing the fireplace surround or adding an updated mantle will be just the ticket for breathing new life into a room. This is a cost-effective option for those satisfied with their fireplace’s functionality, but seeking a new look.
  • If the existing fireplace is inefficient or unsafe, a more extensive process involving replacement may be a better option, allowing you a fireplace that better aligns with your needs, technological advances, and energy efficiency goals.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

The right fireplace selection hinges on you – your preferences, lifestyle, budget, and home’s existing features. It’s exciting to know that whatever your home heating hopes, there’s likely an option perfectly situated to your home and situation.

If the process seems a bit overwhelming or you have further questions about what’s possible, you aren’t alone! We’re here to help. We can help you evaluate your current needs and the possibilities of your space, then explore the options for what will work best in your home. We’ll be happy to go through your list of priorities with you, and to help you make a decision that transforms your space with comfort and design at the forefront. And we’ll be with you in each step of the process.

Our Experts Are Here To Help

Making alterations to your home heating requires trust and faith in your chimney tech’s expertise – after all, you are inviting the element of fire into your living space! Lean on our nearly 40 years of industry experience and carefully maintained Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certification to help guide you through enjoying a stove or fireplace for all it’s worth.

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