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One of the best things about gas fireplace appliances is how dependable they can be. All you have to do to get a cozy fire going is to simply push a button on the remote control device that comes with your fireplace appliance. However, no matter how easy it may be to operate your gas fireplace, there may be a time when it may not function as well as it normally has. Although most gas fireplaces do not require a whole lot of maintenance, there are some common problems that can occur from time to time, but the good news is that Ashbusters is here to help. For over 30 years, we have been taking care of gas fireplaces, gas logs, and other gas hearth heating appliances across the Middle Tennessee region, and you can trust our professionals to get your gas fireplace working safely and efficiently again. We are proud to hold certifications from the leaders in our industry, which include the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). We would like to tell you more about the most common issues we have seen with gas fireplace appliances over the years.


The most common reason why you cannot get a fire going in your gas fireplace is a problem with the pilot light system. No matter what may be causing the issue with your pilot light, you can depend on Ashbusters to solve the problem. We will check the main gas valve to be sure it is turned on, and if it is, we will then look more closely to see if the pilot tubing needs to be purged of excess air or if there is a problem with another component, such as the spark igniter or the thermocouple. Once we have diagnosed the problem, you can expect a detailed explanation from us that includes what we will need to do to make repairs.


A popular way to increase the heating efficiency in your home is to update your old wood-burning masonry fireplace by installing a gas fireplace insert into its opening. One thing that is important to consider when you do this home improvement project is the size difference between the new fireplace appliance and the masonry chimney. Typically, masonry chimneys are much larger than these newer appliances, and this size mismatch can lead to serious problems that include incomplete combustion and condensation. To solve this problem, Ashbusters can customize a stainless steel liner to provide a properly sized flue for your new gas fireplace insert so that it will work as efficiently as possible.

Even when your gas fireplace appliance is working as perfectly as it should be, you should still remember to schedule an annual professional maintenance service appointment with Ashbusters. Contact us today to get your gas fireplace ready to work safely and efficiently all winter long.