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Your chimney is an important system of components that work together to make sure you can fully enjoy your stove or fireplace without worrying about smoke, cold air, water, debris, and critters getting into your house. And sitting high atop the chimney is one of its most important lines of defense – the chimney cap. There are many different types of chimney caps, and they all serve slightly different purposes.

One thing stands true for all of them, though: Having a properly fitted and functioning chimney cap is a vital component to any chimney system.

Here are 5 types of chimney caps and the advantages each provides for your chimney.

1. Single-Flue Cap

This chimney cap has a smaller profile and is designed to cover the opening of a single chimney flue. It is a common type of chimney cap which can be advantageous to the financially conscious buyer, but options are limited with the single-flue cap.

a clear umbrella, open and resting on the ground in a rain stormSingle-flue caps are common and easily installed and because of this they are readily available and cost less than other chimney cap types. Because of their small profile, maintenance is easy and if, by chance, you would need to replace your chimney cap you can do it at an affordable price.

The single flue cap does an adequate job keeping rain, snow, and debris from getting into the exhaust flue and into the home. It also is able to keep animals from getting into your vent and building nests and homes in the warm dry flue. In addition to keeping things out of your heating system, it also encourages proper airflow so that smoke and other byproducts from burning are easily exhausted away from the house.

Because they are so common, single-flue caps have a limited amount of options and are not a good fit for chimneys with uncommon traits. They also have a difficult time keeping rain and debris out if they are compromised in any way.

2. Multi-Flue Cap

The multi-flue cap is designed for chimneys with more than one flue opening. It is larger than its single-flue counterpart and covers a wider area above multiple flues.

Because of multi-flue caps size and design a chimney that would normally need multiple single-flue caps can function with just one multi-flue cap. In addition, the area it covers above the chimney top often provides a slightly greater ability to protect the chimney against rain, snow, debris, and animals. Like its single-flue counterpart, the multi-flue cap works to guard against downdrafts and provide proper airflow within the home.

3. Specialty Cap

Not all chimneys are created equal and some of them simply cannot host a standard chimney cap. In these situations a specialty cap is made and fitted to the chimney.

Specialty caps are built to fit over chimneys with unique needs. As their name suggests, the specialty cap exists to make sure that, no matter the size, shape, location, or material your chimney is made of, it is taken care of and working properly. They are perfect for covering and protecting chimneys with special needs and often a specialty cap will be able to solve chimney problems that other caps can’t.

Quick note, though… Because of their unique designs, specialty caps can be more costly than other options. The process of designing, fitting, and installing them can be a challenge and may call for extra time and attention. They may also need parts that are not readily available and specially made for the job.

4. Outside Mount Cap

a large green chimney cap covering a masonry chimney on a green roofThe outside mount cap is not installed the same way as the single-flue or multi-flue cap. Rather, it is directly attached to the masonry of the outer chimney. This means that the outside mount cap covers the entire chimney, whether it has one or multiple flues. It provides a high amount of protection against rain, snow, debris, and animals. The outside mount cap is customized and sized properly to fit your chimney size and shape.

5. Full-Coverage Cap

Full-coverage caps provide complete protection for the entire chimney. The full-coverage cap’s design extends beyond the chimney structure and pushes water away from the chimney, providing a maximum amount of security to the chimney itself. It is a nearly impenetrable defense for your chimney guarding against moisture and debris no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

The full-coverage cap acts like an insulation blanket for your chimney, preventing heat loss and increasing energy efficiency. The full-coverage cap extends the lifespan of your chimney by nearly eliminating your masonry’s exposure to moisture. The best part is, it looks great as it is able to be customized to match the rest of your home’s architectural highlights.

With all of its advantages, the full-coverage cap will require some extra expertise to install. They do, however, maintain the highest value for the cost as compared to their other chimney cap counterparts.

Explore Your Chimney Cap Options With Us

With so many options it can be hard to know which chimney cap is right for your home. It’s a choice that should be taken seriously because the jobs a chimney cap does are important to the safety and value of your property.

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