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With the holidays coming up, home gatherings taking place, weather turning colder, days getting shorter, and fireplaces roaring to life again, there is no better time to talk about fire prevention and safety. October brought us a whole week dedicated to this important topic, and at Ashbusters Nashville the safety of our customers and our community is a top priority.

That is why our experts in fireplace and chimney care and service want to offer you some great tips and tricks on keeping your home and your family safer as we approach the cold months of late autumn and winter. Questions? Reach out by phone or book with us online today.

🔥 Schedule a Chimney Sweep

smoke coming out of the roof of a home with a chimneyOne of the easiest and most affordable (in the long run) ways for a fireplace or wood stove owner to protect themselves against fires is to make sure that they are regularly cleaning and inspecting their fireplace and chimney system. As fire burns, it releases a chemical byproduct called creosote. Creosote is a black tar-like substance that is carried by the smoke and fumes of your fire, up the chimney and ventilation system where it collects and builds up. Over time, this buildup can be very dangerous as it is highly combustible.

Cleaning a chimney and fireplace isn’t only about getting rid of creosote, however. Gas fireplace burners can collect debris and dust that can cause them to malfunction and become inefficient. In extreme cases, dirty burners can even cause carbon monoxide to collect, which is a danger in and of itself. 

Chimney systems can also be susceptible to collecting high amounts of debris, as well. Leaves from trees, sticks/nests from animals, and other particles and waste can find their way into your chimney and collect inside. All of these things increase the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ashbusters Nashville offers the best chimney technicians available. They are trained and equipped to be able to professionally clean and inspect your fireplace, wood stove, and chimney system. Our team gets to all the hardest places where they access collected debris and creosote buildup. They have the tools to clean it all up safely and effectively.

🔥 Don’t Put Off Fireplace Repairs

A weak chimney is a fire hazard in and of itself. Chimney systems are built to allow very high temperatures and smoke to safely travel up and out of the home, while simultaneously providing heat within. If there is a flaw in the system, exposure can cause combustible and flammable parts of your home to catch fire and create a dangerous problem.

At Ashbusters Nashville our technicians not only clean chimneys, but they inspect and repair them too. They are knowledgeable and skilled in finding weaknesses in chimney systems and addressing them. Having your chimney professionally inspected on a regular basis keeps fires inside your fireplace, controlled, and enjoyable – just as they’re supposed to be.

🔥 Use the Right Fuel

For those of you who love the soft crackle of burning wood and the delicious smells that come with it, please make sure that you are only burning properly dried and seasoned firewood. Wood that is green or damp will not burn efficiently. This means that extra tarry gases will be released into your chimney. This greatly increases the collection of creosote, which in turn creates a higher risk of fire.

For those of you who love the convenience and tidiness of a gas fireplace, please don’t throw any wood, paper, or other extra fuel onto your gas fire. These fireplaces aren’t meant to handle flames outside of the gas burners. It will also mean a mess within your fireplace that can clog gas burners and become a highly dangerous fire risk. Not to mention, it will kill your fireplace’s efficiency as well.

🔥 Be Ready

a close up view of the handle and tube of a fire extinguisherThe latest data from the United States Fire Administration (USFA) shows that in just one year, America will have around 353,500 house fires that will cause around 2,840 deaths, 11,400 injuries, and $8,855,900,000 worth of property loss.

Statistics show that detecting fire early saves lives and property damage. This means that making sure that smoke alarms are installed in every room of the house can be the difference between life and death. It can make a big difference in property damage too. 

We also recommend keeping an ABC fire extinguisher on hand. Make sure that it is in a highly accessible location and that everyone in your family knows how to use it. If a fire begins to get out of hand, these extinguishers will, at minimum, delay the problem – if not solve it all together.

🔥 Decorate Sensibly

As the holidays approach it can be tempting to over-decorate around the fireplace. After all, it is the warmest, coziest, most picturesque spot in your home. As you decorate, however, keep some things in mind.

  • Keep decorations a safe distance a minimum of 3 feet from open flames. (This includes furniture, candles, lights, trees, stockings, and even drapes from nearby windows.)
  • Keep your holiday tree well watered.
  • Keep any wires from lights safely covered and hidden.

Book Chimney & Fireplace Services With Us

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and your home. Take this opportunity to make sure you have your fireplace cleaned and inspected, so that you can enjoy it fully without worry of danger. Call Ashbusters Nashville today to schedule your cleaning and inspection.