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Most of us are lucky to have never suffered a fire in our homes. Ashbusters Chimney Service was founded over 25 years ago on the principle of prevention. We have seen the devastation of fire up close and personal and never want this to happen again to our friends, our families and our communities if we can help it. The fact is, not all fires are preventable. However, most fires are and by doing some very simple things on a yearly basis like getting your chimneys and your dryer vents cleaned, you are taking action. Obstructions of any kind in a chimney can eventually cause a fire. Obstruction in your dryer vent or exhaust is even a larger danger to starting a fire and almost all of us have dryers in our homes. Ashbusters is known for our professional chimney and vent services, including:

As well as:

We welcome you to our website and ask you to take an active part in reading and viewing the resources available here. Our hope is you will be informed and inspired to take action and prepare your home for life. Please use this information and pass it along to your neighbors, friends and family. Please feel free to contact the local Nashville Better Business Bureau and ask about our A+ rating or go to our Nashville Local Google Places Page, Insider Pages or CitySearch and read the reviews left by our customers. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 615-459-2546. We are here to help you. Also, take a look at our famous Chimneys Gone Wild section. There you’ll find out what happens to an unmaintained chimney. We understand that we are not the only chimney service in town, but we believe we are the best. If you would give us the opportunity to prove it, we would greatly appreciate it. Our scheduling tips will help us help you better.