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If you have an older masonry fireplace, you may be considering updating its appearance. Your fireplace should be the attractive focal point of the room, and fortunately, Ashbusters can help you reinvent your old fireplace. We offer you a couple of options for reimagining your fireplace: fireplace refacing and fireplace insert installation. We would like to tell you a bit more about these two fireplace facelift methods with the pros and cons of each option to help you decide how to spruce up the appearance of your fireplace.

Fireplace Insert for Home - Nashville TN

Fireplace Refacing

If your older fireplace is still in good shape and functions properly and safely, you may just want to change the look of its hearth by refacing the fireplace with a new material. Ashbusters can redesign your fireplace facing with a variety of materials for any budget. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of this project:

Benefits of Fireplace Refacing

  • cost — If you do not have a large budget, a simple fireplace refacing is the perfect solution to reimagine its look. You will not have the expense of buying and installing a new heating appliance if you choose this option.
  • style — When you reface your fireplace, you have so many options of how it can look. Ashbusters offers a wide selection of materials to consider: brick, tile, stone and cultured stone, cast concrete, and metal. No matter your budget, we can help you select the perfect material to create a truly showstopping fireplace facing.
  • convenience — Since you will not have to have your old fireplace removed, you will have much less of a mess to deal with if you choose the fireplace refacing method.

Drawbacks of Fireplace Refacing

  • lack of heating appliance upgrade — When you simply reface your fireplace, you do not get the benefit of upgrading to a more efficient, newer heating appliance.
  • length of project work time — Refacing your fireplace is a longer process than installing a new fireplace insert. If you want quick results, this is not the best option for you.

Fireplace Inserts

Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

  • appliance upgrade — New technology has helped fireplace inserts to be extremely efficient and effective heating appliances. Even the new wood-burning inserts are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as clean-burning fireplaces. Heating with a fireplace insert will also save you money on your heating costs due to its efficiency.
  • choice of fuel — If you are tired of the chores involved with a wood-burning fireplace, you can convert to gas by choosing a gas-operated insert. Ashbusters sells and installs wood-burning, gas, and pellet fireplace inserts from which you can choose.

Drawbacks to Fireplace Inserts

  • cost — This method of reinventing your fireplace will be much more expensive than a simple refacing job. If your existing fireplace works properly and safely, you will be financially better off by choosing the fireplace refacing method.

Have questions about reimagining your fireplace? Reach out to Ashbusters to find out more about fireplace refacing and fireplace inserts.