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Just like your roof, a chimney is going to degrade over time. This is even true for masonry chimneys. Because of the weather, masonry will expand and contract, causing the mortar to breakdown. Through these cracks, water can trickle down into your home. Many people assume this is a roof leak, but it’s actually a chimney leak! Besides the risk of water damage, cracked and damaged chimneys are also a major fire hazard. If your chimney is having these types of issues, it is imperative that you have it serviced immediately.

When you do decide to have your chimney inspected, make sure an expert chimney mason is performing the inspection. With their keen eye, they will be able to spot potential problems that are on the horizon, and can suggest possible remedies. The repair itself should certainly be performed by an expert mason. Improper mason work will most likely lead to an even greater damaged chimney, and quite possibly, a chimney fire. Take care of your family and your home, and have someone that knows what they are doing perform the repair.

The best way to prevent expensive damages is to have regular inspections done on your chimney. This will allow you to fix smaller problems quickly, long before they become costly repairs. For instance, if your chimney inspector sees a small crack that is beginning to form in the chimney flue, they can alert you to it right away. This smaller crack can be repaired much more cheaply than a full rebuild of a chimney would be.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you haven’t had your chimney looked at in awhile. Don’t wait until the problem is a dangerous one.